Making machinima

Strictly speaking, machinima is the use of real-time 3D computer graphics rendering engines (in our case, Second Life and OpenSim) to create a cinematic production, i.e. a digital movie.  Or, in other words, the machinima recording is strictly not only of, but also in and by, the 3D environment.  And indeed the Second Life viewer used to have a Start/Stop Movie to Disk function, but this was removed with viewer 1.20 because it was clunky and unreliable.  These days we’d make a movie of Second Life or OpenSim using 3rd party screen-recording programs, of which there are many.

The good news is that there are a good many free screen-recording programs (I’ve personally used Jing, Wink and Istanbul).  Even better news is that there are a few web-based screen capture programs requiring no download of software: simply click an on-screen button and record.  Among the best and best-known are: Screenr, Screenjelly, ScreenToaster, and Screencast-O-Matic.

This tutorial will be completed someday … in the meanwhile, a tutorial video to start you off:

Quickly record and share Second Life videos with Screenr








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