The sub-menu contains for the most part my own tutorials, some the result of pure trial and error, some based on ‘reverse engineering’ the work of others, some on tutorials I may have read elsewhere and decided to ‘improve’.  In most cases these are intended to be no more than ‘quick and dirty’ tutorials whose purpose is to kick-start your own experimentation, and which should therefore be complemented by more thorough tutorials referenced in the articles.

See sub-menu in sidebar …

There are also in-world tutorials available in the theatre above Khoisan’s Office in the south-east corner of solipCISM.  Please follow the instruction below for accessing the videos.

1. On entering the theatre you will see a player on the far wall:

2. Clicking the name DAMANI in the bottom right corner, you will see the screen below.  Select the Videos button, ringed in red, top right:

3. On the next screen, click the Channels button:

4. and then the Second Life Video Tutorials button:

5. On the final screen, click Play:

… alternatively …

1. Repeat steps [1] and [2] above, and this time on the third screen select YouTube:

2. and then Categories:

3. and then Second Life:

4. You will then be presented with a selection of video tutorials.  Select any one to view:

Finally … there are also a set of bookmarked videos relating to educational uses of Second Life.  Click the name DAMANI in the bottom right corner, and in the next screen click Bookmarks:

and then System on the following screen:

You will then see the screen of bookmarked videos–select and one to view:

For other third-party tutorials, see links in the blogroll, under the header ‘Tutorials’, near the bottom of the sidebar (immediately above “Site Admin Stuff”).


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