[Pretty much a legacy page, written 7th July 2007 and now way out of date.  left here for historical interest.]


There are a great many very useful SL-related videos on YouTube, Google Videos, TeacherTube, and elsewhere, offering case studies of paedogogic uses of SL and tutorials covering a wide range of topics from general building and scripting to specific learning initiatives. I’m gradually sifting through these, the more interesting listed below.

You might want, first, to take a look at a few of the general ‘how-to’ SL videos. You’ll find a repository of more than 150 videos at:


Torley Linden has been one of the most prolific authors of SL video tutorials. You’ll find nearly 40 of his videos collected at:


Many good videos have also been collected at WonderHowTo:


Education : General

The following is the best introductory video presentation I’ve yet found (reminiscent of Douglas Rushkoff’s visionary 1994 description of virtual education in the Metaverse) of educational opportunities offered by Second Life:

The clip below is posted not so much for its own content (which is a tad bland) as for the links in the YouTube sidebar to more education-related videos.



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