Introduction of scripting

One of the more daunting challenges for novice SL content creators is learning how to script using the Linden Scripting Language (LSL). This page provides links to both text and video tutorials; and, at the bottom of this page, to repositories of free ready-made scripts; but maybe a great place to start would be by attending one of the regular in-world classes. You can find current and upcoming classes by clicking the Search button, selecting the Events tab, and entering ‘scripting’ as your search term:


But you’ll in any case want to consolidate what you’ve learned with some additional tutorials and reference documents. The following resources are recommended:

You’ll also find it helpful to watch the following YouTube videos:

[1] ‘An Overview of Scripting in Second Life’ by Preston Straff. No more than a mere glimpse of code in this one, though a clear explanation of how LSL works with states and events.

[2] Rather whimsical, but a beautifully clear tutorial, is the follwing walkthrough of how to create a ‘Dance Animation’.

Some online repositories of ready-made scripts

SL Scripts at Wo0hoo

Free SL Scripts at


One Response to Scripting

  1. ferdzee says:

    There is a new Internet LSL Script Library and database located at

    Users can add and edit any script.

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