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Second Life (web)

Second Life (in-world groups)

  • Open Education in Second Life
    Based at the Open University in the UK, membership is open to anyone with an academic interest in using Second Life for (predominantly higher) education.
  • Education UK
    “Education UK island is being set up by a group of UK educational philanthropists. It is aimed at: UK practitioners, managers, staff and learners across the educational sectors [schools, Post 16 – ACL, PCDL, FE, OLASS, HE, WBL, VCS to develop and explore second life as an educational concept.”
  • Open SLedware
    “Open SLedware in an initiative of SL educators to make course content accessible to all.”
  • SAVE: Save Avi Virtual Education
    SL for newbies. “SAVE is dedicated to preserving free Basic Education classes in Second Life. We believe that easy access to life-skills education is critical to the continued success of Second Life. By opening a dialog between LL, SL residents, and RL interests, we’re confident we’ll be able to engineer a solution that works for everyone. Let’s keep Basic Ed free, pay our teachers, and support LL’s growth.”




Offline groups


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