Finding People, Places, Objects and Property

Finding people, communities, and groups
Searchable directory of resident profiles and pictures (both SL and RL), blogs, groups, community events, etc.

Who’s Who in Virtual Worlds
“The place to find other colleagues, experts, and friends in virtual worlds”. Less a directory than a community, this is a useful resource for finding people with similar interests (including education groups SL Library Outreach to Higher Education, Immersive Learning, Education, Science, and Libraries) as well as a source of information about virtual worlds (in general) and Second Life (in particular) events and initiatives.
You can find me at:

Finding locations
Second Life Tree
Directory and teleportal. “The purpose of the Second Life Tree is to function as a resource for everyone who wants to explore the ever-growing content of Second Life – regardless if you are just sightseeing or looking for something specific. This site will enable you to see what’s available in-world and to access it via SLurls (which you can use as soon as you have downloaded Second Life). This allows you to browse our web directory or to run a search and to teleport directly to the place you choose.”

Finding objects
“Second411 is a search engine for Second Life. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to find the things they want in Second Life. … While you can always use the website to search for items within SecondLife, it’s usually much easier to search directly from within SecondLife. To do this, you need a Second411 Search HUD. They are free and can be picked up from the Second411 Store on Dirty. Once the Search HUD is in your inventory right click it and choose ‘Wear’. It will attach to your screen and become ‘hidden’. In the chat box type ‘/411 shoes’ and you should receive a results list back.”

Shopping for objects
OnRez (formerly SL Boutique)
A market for buying and selling SL objects

SL Exchange


Services include: (“shop from Second Life’s largest vendor network. Browse and search from over 50 thousand products from some of SL’s best creators”), (“Transfer to any other user’s account or pay any avatar in-world. … Sell your L$ and receive payment via PayPal – selection of foreign currencies available. … In-world deposit convenience – use iDeposit to make deposits from your home or to collect tier payments or donations in-world”), apez.vend (“Sell your products through the iVend vendor in-world – rez as many as you need in-world and manage their settings online”), and (“bringing space owners, tenants and customers together”).
A combined search engine and marketplace for objects.

Finding property
Second Realty
“Second Realty offers a number of property services including sales and rentals of land and housing, landscaping services and related products such as furniture, fixtures & plants.”

“The Second Life® (SL) real estate market continues to boom, the total number of SL residents has now surpassed 6 million, and SL’s inworld Land Sales classifieds search is bulging at the seams. SL residents have been asking for an easier way to find the perfect virtual residential or commercial property and those selling land and developed property in SL have been seeking better ways to connect with prospective buyers. In response, OpenMLS, a real estate multiple listing service (MLS) will be rolling out SL’s first MLS on May 5 with a two-day grand opening event that will feature the launch of in conjunction with the opening of the OpenMLS inworld offices at Sede di Marte (38, 38, 38)”

Finding anything and everything
“Sloog is a bookmarking service for Second Life residents. It allows users to save favourite places and avatars and search for them later, both in-world with a simple plug-in (HUD) or via web browser.”

SLQuery (SLQ)
“SLQ ( is a complete search and data integration platform connecting the virtual and real worlds. SLQ infoBOX: the free notecard/prim driven catalog server. SLQ infoHUD: this powerful search engine includes a spell check, encyclopedia, and a wealth of external sources like blogs,, wikipedia, and news feeds that are text driven, URL linked, and have pop-up display images. SLQ infoStation: just like the infoHUD, but unplugged for public use. Plus, it has a powerful SL to RL web-based IM system. Chat with anyone in SL even when you cannot log in. MySLQ: all your listings are automatically generated into a mini web page for display in your SL web profile tab. SLQ is fully integrated with SL Exchange (SLX) for listing products and searches.”

Web-based search engine and in-world HUD.

The five-storey building in SL offers guidance on buying land and property, and offers free boxes; but the key function is to provide, on thematised floors, portals to key locations. At present not very many … but these are still early days and the concept is good.

Tateru Nino’s search form
A web interface to the SL browser’s new search tab.


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