Note: this page was started in 2007 and is unlikely to be either comprehensive or up-to-date.

SL education-related blogs

Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins’ Second Life Education Research blog
Also worth browsing, especially with regard to integration of Second Life with the ‘social web’, is her more general (and immensely informative) Web 2.0ish technology blog at:

‘Give Education a Second Life’
It’s far from clear who these people are … but one to watch?

Miscellaneous / uncategorised

Second Life : Official Linden Blog (the official Second Life blog)

Pathfinder Linden
Personal blog of Linden Lab employee John Lester, currently Linden Lab’s Boston Operations Director. Masses of useful information, news, and links. Scroll down to browse, especially, the ‘Great Second Life Links’.

Second Tense (another Second Life blog: “Discussing technology and future of Second Life as the Metaverse—a matter of when, not if.”)

Naked Imagination
Well written and informative Web 2.0 / emerging technologies / Second Life blog by Rob Smart ( member of the Emerging Technologies Group at IBM, Hursley), who also co-runs the excellent EightBar blog.

Second Life Future Salon (yet another Second Life blog)

The Grid Live
A general news blog, never comprehensive but generally up to date with major events.

Plenty of useful postings in SL in a blog “about virtual worlds, web systems, and pretty much everything else”.

ninjafoo Ng : A Second Life on Linux (a Second Life blog for Linux users)

Maya Realities and HacksHaven
Useful info and tools for metrics and traffic analysis



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