General links for Second Life

Second Life
Summary page at VWR:

The most comprehensive video introduction to SL that I know of, though way out of date (from days boasting a membership of 150,000 rather than today’s nearly 8 million), is on Google Video:

For a short introduction, see:

Two of the most useful references resources of all are the Second Life Wikia (“a project to document various aspects of Second Life’s history”) and the SL wiki. For a succinct Timeline of SL development, well worth reading is:

and for an in-depth overview of the functionalities in Second Life, a very good place to start is the Features page at:

SL-related sites and resources:

Second Life Toolbox: 50+ Resources for Second Life
Just in case I’ve missed any important link below (and I undoubtedly have), this classified listing from Mashable is immensely useful.
As the name suggests, tutorials for everything related to SL, with topics including building, currency, land, and scripting.

Second Life Resources at Second Life in Education
A good listing of general SL links, with a particular focus on educational uses of SL

Web site providing direct teleport links to locations in Second Life and an easy-to-use gateway to the Second Life Web Map API.

SL Universe (SecondLife news)
“SLUniverse is the longest running third party Second Life community site. Launched in 2003, it has grown into a comprehensive resource for Second Life residents.”

SL History Wiki (“a project to document various aspects of Second Life’s history that anyone can add to”)

Second Life newspapers & magazines

Second Life Herald (the SecondLife community newspaper)

Second Life News Network
“SLNN offers in-depth reporting on breaking news and events in Second Life and Real Life developments that affect Second Life. The news network fills a gap by serving people unbiased and objective information about relevant topics on a daily basis.”

Second Life News Center (Reuters of course has a SL Bureau)

Second Life Insider
Part blog, part news site.


Fashion magazine for Second Life

Machinima: video in Second Life

Second Life Video (a sort of YouTube for SecondLife)

SecondAvatar slvideos at
Another SL video site

Miscellaneous / unclassified

Second Cast (a podcast covering culture and events in Second Life)

Second Life Podcasts
Audio and video
» (“Syndicating the Second Life blogosphere”)

“the largest Second Life Business forum on the net”

Second Life Research (academic research on all aspects and uses of Second Life)

FutureTag, Slgp1, ‘Real Virtuality in your Second Life and beyond’
The Future Technologies Advisory Group (FutureTag) “is a consulting and media group focused on promoting awareness and understanding of radical scientific advances and emerging technologies, as well as evaluating their impact on individuals, businesses and societies.” This section reviews and assesses the impact, actual and potential, of Second Life.

Metaverse Technology (an SL-based company)

Finally, take a sobering look at:
‘Get a First Life: A One Page Satire of Second Life’
»[World verified on 31 Jan 2006, and all links and world last viewed, on 01 Dec 2006]


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