This is a legacy page, documenting the evolution of The Knowledge Zone, and more specifically of the CISM presence in the Knowledge Zone, in the initial stages of the project (July to December 2007).  The page is left here for historical curiosity only.

As is the case for all faculties, we have a rather small footprint in The Knowledge Zone (Kingston University’s island in Second Life). My challenge in building our presence for CISM was three-fold:

  • How to make most effective use of the space allocated to us.
  • How to design virtual work spaces and functional ‘gadgets’ that best support teaching and learning in specifically a computing faculty.
  • How to create a built environment that is visually engaging enough to encourage staff and students to want to use it as a learning platform.

The following screenshots (end of July, 2007) capture the result.

The Library. Links to the Kingston University OPAC, to Amazon UK, to online documents, and to web sites incl. Wikipedia and Google Scholar.


Library terminals connecting to Kingston University OPAC, to Amazon UK, to Wikipedia, and to Google Scholar.


The media-enabled teaching room

Media room

Rear of CISM, showing two small meeting areas


Meeting area 1

CISM meeting area 1

Meeting area 2

Meeting area 2

The SkyBox (still under construction). The plan is to make this an exhibition area for both staff and students.


Screenshots 21st December 2007

Construction of the island began in earnest this month. I’ve torn down the old CISM buildings to replace them with a more light and airy construction.

The new CISM building–view towards the library. The bookshelves were removed when the old building was demolished; this will be replaced shortly.


The new CISM building–the terrasse and side entrance.


The new CISM building–view towards the video screen. This is a FreeView box; this area replaces the lecture theatre of the old building.


Work-in-progress: the harbourfront


Work-in-progress: the Law School


Work-in-progress: the main lecture theatre


Work-in-progress: the central waterway


The Exhibition Space. On the outer edge of the CISM plot, an area for mounting temporary exhibitions.


Update, 15th February 2008. The Knowledge Zone taking shape [1].


Update, 15th February 2008. The Knowledge Zone taking shape [2].


CISM Meeting area 2 completely rebuilt and enlarged, with ‘sit’ pose balls for 14 people.


CISM Meeting Area 2, enlarged, with new pose balls


Terraforming in the south-east of the island by Quin Scarpulla (Charlie Voss), 17th Feb 2008


The Gazebo rebuilt as a much more aery, more spacious, meeting area, with new chairs and seating pose balls.



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