Computer supported collaborative work; telecollaboration through virtual presence


Billinghurst, M., Weghorst, S., & Furness III, T. (1997). Shared Space: An Augmented Reality Approach for Computer Supported Collaborative Work. Human Interface Technology Laboratory, University of Washington.

Broll, W.; Prinz, W. (1999). Using 3D to Support Awareness in Virtual Teams on the Web. In Bra, P. d.; Leggett, J. (ed.): Proceedings of the WebNet ’99: World Conference on the WWW and Internet, October 24-30, 1999, Honolulu, Hawaii. Cherlottesville, VA: AACE, 1999, S. 137-142.


“The Ogoglio project is exploring shared online worlds in the context of web enabled work. If World of Warcraft is ‘the new golf’, then we’re exploring ‘the new business district’. We are creating spaces where people will meet with remote coworkers, collaborate using new tools, integrate existing business applications, and enjoy the benefits of being in the same office with people in different time zones. The first service providing 3D workspaces will be Ogoglio City, an online business district for creative professionals who grew up with the Internet. New media producers take connectivity for granted and they do not hesitate to synthesize multiple sources and then iteratively publish the result on a variety of media. The Ogoglio project is focused on providing a space for creative people to collaboratively produce and market digital services.”

See also the blog (“A public record of my projects and related works”) of Trevor F. Smith, the designer behind the Ogoglio project:
and screencasts at:

[Links updated and viewed, 02 Dec 2006]

Project Wonderland (Sun Microsystems)
“Project Wonderland is a toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, and can share live applications such as web browsers, OpenOffice documents, and games.”


Virtual Spaces for Real Work. Qwaq’s virtual space solutions increase the productivity of distributed teams. Designed for the enterprise, Qwaq Forums is a virtual workspace application that delivers immediate benefits by bringing users and critical resources together in virtual spaces.” Croquet-based.


“ProtoSphere has been designed from the ground up to be secure, easy to use, and effective virtual world for business and organizational use. ProtoSphere makes communication and collaboration easy through built-in tools such as VoIP, text chat, and application sharing. The system enables and encourages each employee to tap into the massive intellectual resources every organization has in its people.”


Virtuosi (VRML)
This is an old EC-funded project, now (so far as I know) defunct.
[Link updated and viewed, 09 Feb 2005]

Telepresence: remote monitoring, operation, and surveillance

3D Reconstruction and Augmented Reality
[Link updated and viewed, 09 Feb 2005]


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