About this site

This site serves three functions:

  1. as documentation of the day-by-day progress of the originating feasibility study and the subsequent development of Kingston University’s two regions in Second Life (mostly in the ‘Posts‘)
  2. as supplementary learning resources for final-year students taking my VR module
  3. as a guide to Second Life, and a structured directory of useful resources, for Kingston University staff (the ‘Pages‘)

The site is divided into sections, as follows:

  • About this site (i.e. this page)
  • Help (short help files, with pointers to useful third-party documents, relating to the SL environment in general and to productivity in SL in particular), beginning with Getting started, the very basic information you’ll need to make your debut in Second Life
  • Resources (classified directory of useful web links)
  • The Project, documenting the evolution of the Second Life e-learning project at Kingston University
  • The Student View, general guidance for students using Second Life as part of their programme of learning
  • Tutorials, of which there will only ever be a few, documenting a subset of the things I’ve myself learned to do in SL

The most comprehensive video introduction to SL that I know of, though way out of date (from days boasting a membership of 150,000 rather than today’s nearly 8 million), is on Google Video.  Definitely still worth watching, even if only for historical reasons:


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