Store Trek

Not a new idea–I still have a couple of promotional video clips for a 3D online supermarket shopping environment dating from as far back as February 2001–but an idea whose time has perhaps finally come.  UK SAP technology company Keytree preview their 3D immersive shop:

The Keytree website is, at the time of writing, under redevelopment and so further details are spare.  The following is the text to the YouTube video:

“Powered by K-Motion Store technology. This is the first incarnation of a 3D store that crosses the divide between in store and online shopping. Online is quick and convenient and products are recommended to you but the experience is not very engaging or immersive. In store you can see entire product ranges but they are not tailored to you, you have to travel to the store and get stuck in the queue at checkout. Store Trek takes the benefits of in store by delivering tailored virtual shelves in a virtual store layout driven by a personalisation engine you would have with an online store.”

The kinect allows you to walk round the TV with the shelves automatically adjusting to give you the rich 3D experience. Rendering tens of thousands of products from real retailers in realtime you can purchase items by reaching out towards the shelf and the product will be added directly to your basket.

This application is linked to data provider APIs and is developed separately by Keytree.

Further information can be found on Will Powell’s blog, including press coverage of Store Trek.

Augmented reality rather than virtual reality, Keytree’s Layar-like ‘Grace Brothers Demo’ offers a vision of ‘contactless’ buying through the innovative use of NFC:




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