Free OpenSim hosting for education

I’m a bit slow in posting this piece, blogged in Hypergrid Business on 15th July by Maria Korolov:

Free Open University offers free OpenSim hosting

By Maria Korolov

It’s been in the works for a couple of years now, and finally launched quietly last month — now the Free Open Grid project from Free Open University hopes to get 200,000 schools into OpenSim.

As part of its initial push, the group offers free regions for anyone, whether or not education-related. The only exception is elementary schools — Free Open Grid is currently working on creating a secure virtual private network to support the safety requirements of younger students.

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It’s worth reading the comments beneath the article, however. Linda Kellie, for whom I have a lot of respect, writes:

Although this sounds really nice on the surface I don’t get it. Anyone can host a free region on OSGrid simply by downloading the OpenSim software and setting it up on their computer and probably have it run smoother than this guy will do. Your article makes it sound like this is some sort of first. There are plenty of people who give out free regions on OSGrid and on other grids too. Hell I even host a couple for friends for free. When I started OSG I was given free regions to use.
Also never ask this man to load any of my OARs on his grid because from what I hear he refuses to do that stating the fact that too much of my content is out there already. So apparently there is some sort of agenda he has yet I don’t know what it is.


Free Open Grid


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