New books in virtual world learning

A couple of books by Randy Hinrichs that I’ve not yet been able to get my hands on (but look forward to doing so): Transforming Virtual World Learning (2011) and Engaging the Avatar: New Frontiers in Immersive Education (2012).

From the Amazon blurb for the former:

This book is a practical guide on how to transform your ideas from virtual world course ware to virtual world learning experiences. This book argues that setting up learning in 3D virtual worlds requires a transformative approach. The advice given in this book comes from real world implementers of virtual world learning. The models presented here show how to transform your thinking in 3D spaces and achieving your organizational learning goals while motivating your learners. The practical articles and lesson plans come from those pioneers who have used virtual worlds to learn, teach and support their learners with in-world presence. Transforming starts with recognizing virtual worlds as a place, and then using the space to plan in 3D, design real-time and implement a ‘virtual biodome effect’ for continuous learning. It is our hope the book inspires current educational institutions to think about creating persistent, scalable communities that thrive on communication, global collaboration and sustainable interactivity. The results are the same for K-12, community college, university, industry and lifelong learners. It’s not just about being in a virtual world, it’s about doing something engaging there to educate and entertain the work force of the interconnected internet.

Well worth watching is his persuasive case for virtual world learning, below:

See also Randy Hinrichs’ web presence at:

Full bibliographic details:

Hinrichs, R. & Wankel, C. (eds.) (2011). Transforming Virtual World Learning (Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education, vol 4).  Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.  ISBN: 1780520522 [Amazon]

Hinrichs, R. (ed.) (2012).  Engaging the Avatar: New Frontiers in Immersive Education.  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Pub Inc.  ISBN: 1617357510 [Amazon]


Adams, S. (2011). ‘Must Read: Transforming Virtual World Learning’, New Media Consortium, 3rd October 2011


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2 Responses to New books in virtual world learning

  1. Thank you. We use new educational virtual world vAcademia. This virtual world is designed and developed specially for educational purposes, and it has an integrated set of tools for a number of learning activities. The main original feature of vAcademia is 3D recording, which allows dynamically capturing everything in a given location in the virtual world. A 3D recording looks like a live virtual class, providing students with a collaboration space and giving a sense of presence. In such a manner, vAcademia supports a new type of digital content – 3D recording or virtcast, which is created based on synchronous activities and opens new possibilities to explore.

    • This looks immensely interesting, Mikhal. I watched your video and browsed your web site; and I’m more than happy to give this a plug in my blog. vAcademia looks a functionally rich platform; and I love the ability to record sessions.

      Unfortunately I have not been able to give it a try myself since here at home I’ve Linux and Mac only.

      I’ll certainly keep an eye on this (and maybe one day get my hands on a Windows PC to give it a try).

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