The Art of Machinima

I’m currently rewriting the module descriptor as we move, next year, from the current one-semester 15 credit module to the year long 30 credit module (to be retitled ‘Virtual Worlds in Education, Business, Government, and Culture: Strategy and Development’).  I’m rather chuffed at the prospect of having so much more teaching time to encompass many of the topics that, at present, I can only give cursory mention to.

I’m in particular looking forward to devoting entire sessions to each of the following application areas:

    • Business applications of MUVES, including machinima for corporate communications
    • MUVEs in education; as a platform both for teaching and for business, medical, and scientific visualisation (e.g. ScienceSim)
    • MUVEs in government
    • MUVEs as a platform for graphical artists
    • … and machinima as itself an art form

This morning I was sent a link to recent videos by the immensely talented Second Life machinima artist TutsyNavarathna, whose work I first discovered just over a year ago and which I included in my teaching last year.  Little more I wish to write at the moment, so I’ll finish here with one of his movies from around a year ago.

Further reading

Cristina García-Lasuén, ‘Video Art Now: Real, Virtual, and Machinima’, ArtPulse Magazine.


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