Results of student survey for Tuesday’s in-world lecture

Thus far, 16 students (roughly 42% of those who attended Tuesday’s in-world class) have responded to the poll, the results of which are posted below.  Students were able to check as many (and as few) boxes as they wished.

The first group of questions sought students’ preference of mode of attendance.  All but one of the students were in favour of further inworld classes:

Mode of attendance Votes
I enjoyed this morning’s in-world lecture and would love to attend further such lectures in virtual mode in the future 15
I didn’t really much enjoy this morning’s in-world session and would prefer face-to-face lectures in the university 1

The second group of questions sought views on the organisation of the in-world class.  All students who responded in this block felt the class was well structured and organised:

Organisation of class Votes
I felt the class was overall well structured and organised 15
I felt the class was overall poorly structured and managed 0

The third group of questions asked their views on the content of the lecture.  All responding students felt that having a chat log was useful:

Content of lecture Votes
The intellectual content of the lecture was interesting and engaging 13
The intellectual content of the lecture is well documented on the module web pages that were displayed in-world during the session 11
Having the chat log of the in-world session allows me to review what was said and reflect more clearly on the issues raised 13

All but one of the students felt,  in response to the fourth group of questions, better able to express themselves in a virtual environment than in the real-world laboratory:

Participation Votes
The in-world session felt more ‘participatory’ than the real-life lab session: I felt more engaged in the class 11
I felt more confident and at ease expressing my thoughts and opinions in the in-world lecture than I would have done in the real-life university setting 12
I feel better able to express my views in a real-life university class than in a virtual class 2

The final group of questions sought their views on the duration (4 hours) of the class.  Most felt the class was around the right length, while only two felt that it ran on for too long:

Duration Votes
The duration of this morning’s in-world session was about right 10
This morning’s in-world session went by too quickly: I could happily have continued for longer 5
This morning’s in-world session ran on for too long: it was hard to sustain my concentration and interest 2

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