Another new open source simulator project–the Aurora Simulator Project–and another new (development and testing only) grid: Aurora.  Based on OpenSim 0.7 and still in early alpha, Aurora 0.1 was released into the open source community on 1st November, 2010.  I’ve not had much time to look at it in depth (though, as you’ll see in the screenshot below, I’ve had time enough to create an account), but a couple of the key features that leaped out at me are:

  • variable sized regions (non-square regions will also be possible)
  • support for alternative scripting languages including C#, VB, and others
  • OpenRegionSetting (supports vertical parcelling!)

A full list of features is published at:

Anyone may connect a region to the grid (but note the caveat: “This grid is testing only and data can and will be purged at need!”). See the article: Connecting to the Aurora-Sim Development Grid at:

Currently the recommended viewers would seem to be Imprudence and, based on Imprudence, the new AstraViewer (made by Pleiades, the people who made Meerkat ,and thus also incorporating some of Meerkat’s features).


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