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Goddammit, I’m more excited this evening than I’ve been in months!  I was looking for some arts sims in Second Life as case studies for my PhD student Sofia … OK, I admit it, that’s just my excuse … for in truth, I wanted to check out all of Rose Borchovski’s amazing work in SL.  And I came upon an instance of her work at Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator where I met digital artist Fau Ferdinand.  We talked about this ‘n’ that, and conscientious as I am I did in fact mention Sofia’s PhD dissertation and my recommendation to Sofia this afternoon that she should endeavour to chat with the likes of Bryn Oh and Rose Borchovski.

Fau is as amazing a personality as an artist! and, I discovered, coincidentally lives just 3 or 4 miles from me in south-west London.  She told me of the hypergrid-enabled Craft ( opensim grid, an arts-oriented grid in which Odyssey artists were doing some extraordinary work; showed me YouTube videos of examples of work; and immediately sent a friendship request to Sofia.

Could I resist the temptation to visit the Craft grid? the hell I could!  I created an account for myself immediately I left Fau.  At the landing point of the hub sim was a board of places to visit …

… and I visited:

Examples of work by the collective are published on the OdysseySimulator channel on YouTube … an example:

‘Nuff said … I now need something to calm my nerves.


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Museologist, cognitive dissident, political grouch, curmudgeonly bibliophage, and all round jolly nice chap.
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