New books on learning and teaching in virtual worlds

I’ve neither the money to buy them nor the time to read them at the present time, so I simply list some recent books on learning and teaching in virtual environments:

Annetta, L.A., Folta. E. & Klesath, M.  (2010).  V-Learning: Distance Education in the 21st Century Through 3D Virtual Learning Environments.  Berlin: Springer.  ISBN-13: 978-9048136209

Cheney, A. & Sanders, R.L.  (2011).  Teaching and Learning in 3D Immersive Worlds: Pedagogical Models and Constructivist Approaches.  Hershey, PA: IGI Global.  ISBN-13: 978-1609605179

Heiphetz, A. & Woodill, G.  (2010). Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds: How to Create Cost-Saving, Efficient and Engaging Programs.  London: McGraw-Hill Professional.  ISBN-13: 978-0071628020

Kapp, K.M. & O’Driscoll, A.  (2010).  Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration.  London: Jossey Bass.  ISBN-13: 978-0470504734


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Museologist, cognitive dissident, political grouch, curmudgeonly bibliophage, and all round jolly nice chap.
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