Total registered VW accounts tops 1 billion

KZero recently published its Virtual Worlds 2011+ report with, in SlideShare, its Q1 2011 Virtual Worlds: Industry and User Data presentation showing that there are now more than one billion registered accounts in virtual worlds, doubling the figure of two years ago.  Assuming a one-to-one mapping of users to accounts would mean that around one person in every six on this planet has a virtual world presence, though the actual number of active users is of course likely to be significantly smaller, given that [1] there will be many users who have accounts in more than one virtual world, [2] in any virtual world there will be users who have more than one account (“alts”), and [3] not all who create an account will remain active players.  The incremental growth in numbers of new registered users over the past two years, with a remarkable 96.7% of all users in the 5 to 25 age group, nonetheless suggests very strongly that virtual worlds are becoming mainstream.

Source: KZero, 2011


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