The 2011 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference announced

The University of North Carolina has announced its 12th annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference for 12th-14th April.  I attended one of the days last year–excellent event!–and expect to attend this year.  Recommended.

The 2011 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference (TLTC) will be held April 12-14 in the virtual world Second Life. The theme this year is “Learning Forward: Teaching Technologies for Engaged Learners.”

This annual conference, held since 2000, is a forum to network and exchange information about the effective use of technology for teaching and learning. The term TLT refers to teaching methods and learning environments that incorporate instructional and library-based technologies, whether face-to-face or online. The TLT Conference is hosted by UNC-Pembroke, with support from the UNC System.

The conference emphasizes timely topics of particular interest to all education professionals, regardless of grade level or geographic location, from effective current practices to emerging technologies.

This year we anticipate presentations and participation by faculty and staff from the UNC system, the NC community college system, other private colleges and universities, and K-12 educators from anywhere in North Carolina and beyond.

Watch for announcements of presentation proposal submission and registration deadlines for this 12th annual conference.

The presentations and demonstrations will be held primarily on the complex of NC Education islands. NC Education is a Second Life group funded by the community college system.  A schedule of Second Life orientation sessions in the weeks prior to the event will be published on the conference website.


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