The new teaching session begins

Two weeks now into the 2011 run of the Desktop VR module (which, in view of the way it has evolved over the past couple of years, I’ve been anxious to see renamed as either Virtual Worlds Development and Strategy or Virtual Worlds in Education, Business, and Government).  The module is, as ever, heavily subscribed; though for the first time in 4 years it is now back under 70 students.

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BigBossKam's toilet

In preparation for the new session I’ve been writing new tutorials, testing out new learning support tools, and embellishing the two sims (solipCISM and The Knowledge Zone).  The latter cosmetic work is visible in the above slides.  New content includes the Marketplace from which I’ll be selling items created by myself and my students.

Some students are already showing promise, with one enterprising student already, barely days old, having created with meticulous attention to detail an item that he is now already selling and L$10 a copy and making money therefrom.  Well done, BigBossKam!


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