I’ve recently been finding my way around a relatively new OpenSim-based virtual world, InWorldz, whose phenomenal growth over the past year–at the time of writing, 26,144 registered user accounts and 727 regions–now ranks it as the 2nd largest OpenSim grid after OSGrid.  Pricing would appear to be a key factor in its success, a region costing a mere $75 per month, with a once-only $75 set-up fee, compared with the $1,000 purchase price and $295 per month maintenance fee charged by Second Life.  Combine pricing with the far higher prim allowance per region, and InWorldz looks an attractive alternative to Second Life for newcomers to virtual worlds and for those willing and able to migrate, even though OpenSim does not yet support some of the more recent features of SL such as shared media.

Khoisan's avatar in InWorldz


There are downloadable dedicated InWorldz viewers for Linux, Mac and Windows; but it probably makes much more sense simply to configure the grid manager in Phoenix, Imprudence, Meerkat, or whatever other viewer you may normally use, than to clutter your hard drive with yet another viewer.  See graphic below for how to configure using Phoenix:

Configuring the Phoenix grid manager for InWorldz

Configuring the Phoenix grid manager for InWorldz

A more extensive review I’d recommend is that by Maria Korolov, editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business.  See link below.


Maria Korolov, ‘There’s something about InWorldz’


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