As with others earlier in this blog, the videos below speak for themselves.  I first came across the vGov initiative back at the end of 2009 when I attended a SmarterTechnology talk given by Dr Paulette Robinson, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning for the Information Resources Management College at the National Defense University.  Dr Robinson is also the leader for the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds:

The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW) consists of members from government (federal, state & local, & international), academia, and corporate sectors. The Consortium supports individuals and organizations to improve government collaboration through the use of virtual worlds to enrich collaborative online experiences. It provides a venue to share best practices and lessons learned for the collaborative use of virtual worlds, address common challenges, and create structures to share resources. Communication channels include a email announcements list, wiki knowledge base, and events.

With too little time at my disposal for the present, I don’t yet have the opportunity to finish writing a blog piece I’d begun on local government initiatives (Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, London) in the UK.  Watch this space …


The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds

The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference 2010

Real Government in Virtual Worlds


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