Linden Lab relocates Brighton UK office

Tower Point

Tower Point

Linden Lab has moved its European office in Brighton to larger premises, 9th floor of Tower Point in North Road.

The Argus, Brighton’s local newspaper, reported last November that “the city’s lack of suitable office space is reaching a critical point for some of Brighton & Hove’s most promising digital media companies”, and quotes Emma Williams, UK operations manager for Linden Lab, as conjecturing:

Inevitably, if the situation does not improve then the company may look to create an office somewhere else. It would probably keep a presence in Brighton but it will not grow to become our European headquarters and the city would lose some of its potential to be a centre for digital media.

A wit in a SLUniverse forum may have hit upon a solution:

I can see that there are only 7 windows vertical ( 7 floors ) ? Did they actually move to a skybox ?

I think it’s about time we should be seeking to get a third-year placement student there, even though it’s not until final year that students will be able to enroll on my VR module.



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