Understanding Islam

I’ve long understood and advocated the use of Second Life as a platform for teaching and learning in the areas of cultural diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, and global citizenship, and have encouraged student projects in these areas both on my desktop VR course and on my Culture & Heritage Informatics course.  I’d long ago intended to, but neglected to, flag the excellent video published to Ananse’s Web by Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, Senior Fellows at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, on Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds:

The video speaks for itself, so I need add no further comment.

‘Digital Diplomacy: Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds — Collaboration, Culture and Community’
» http://anansesweb.ning.com/video/digital-diplomacy

See also:

Public Diplomacy and Virtual Worlds
» http://uscpublicdiplomacy.org/index.php/research/project_detail/public_diplomacy_and_virtual_worlds/

Dancing Ink Productions
» http://dancinginkproductions.com


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