Viewer 2

Viewer 2 Beta is now available …  Installed it today … first impressions (after some while finding my way around a radically redesigned interface) are very good indeed, other than the disconcerting fact that, having saved a new outfit to the My Outfits folder, mysteriously it seems to want to turn me into a woman each time I subsequently log in.  Hhhmmm … have to figure that one out.

Overall, a simpler and more intuitive (web-like) interface for the casual user, though a tad challenging for the builder-developer (where, for example, had the Import … menu items disappeared to? a little searching found them under the File menu in the inventory, and under Shortcuts in the Advanced menu, but it had been far from obvious that this is where one should look).  Gone is the right-click pie menu, now replaced by a drop-down contextual menu; profile, friends, landmarks, and inventory are now in a slide-out drawer on the right of the screen (and where have my Picks gone in my profile? ah, there they are … phew!).  World Map and Mini-Map are now moved to the much simplified World menu.

The most impressive feature of Viewer 2, however, is its support for Second Life Shared Media (SLSM), now allowing scrollable and editable web pages, Flash games, and just about every video format, to be displayed on a face of any prim in SL.  In fact, so far as I can see, just about any web content at all.


See also the helpful notes at:



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