Rezzable and Heritage Key

It had been, as much as anything else, my longstanding interests in virtual history and virtual archaeology that had, after some years of teaching my desktop VR module, motivated me to devise and launch my final-year undergraduate Culture & Heritage Informatics module two years ago.  I’d been surprised and impressed by a number of historical reconstructions in VRML, X3D, Adobe Atmosphere, and Second Life; and had meanwhile, from early this year, been playing with OpenSim, first standalone from a server in my attic, and subsequently connected to MyOpenGrid, as a platform for big historical builds.  I was therefore thrilled yesterday to discover Heritage Key, owned and produced by London-based Rezzable Productions Ltd.

Rezzable has long been a significant presence in Second Life, creator of such visually dazzling productions as Greenies, Tunnel of Light, Black Swan, and the King Tut Virtual exhibition.  The company has this year (so how come I missed it till now?) launched its own OpenSim-based grid, currently a modest “Rezzable’s Private Grid Alpha” (see snapshot above right), and also created the magnificent Heritage Key (again OpenSim) platform and viewer that will allow visitors to “travel across time and place to unlock the wonders of the Ancient World”, beginning with the brilliant King Tut Virtual exhibition initially installed in Second Life.

I’m clearly going to have a lot more to say about Rezzable’s new ventures in due course.  In the meantime, below are some of the snapshots I took during my own visit to Heritage Key.  Click on any image to view larger format.

The above text and screenshots are published in accordance with Rezzable’s Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK license for photographing and filming of content, viz: “Photos and movies for non-commercial and press use are allowed when proper attribution to Rezzable for creating the location(s) is given”.


RezzableProductions Ltd.

Heritage Key


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