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I’ve written before about the cultural and educational African presences in Second Life, and documented elsewhere Tamsin Barzane’s impressive Middle Passage exhibition on Saminaka.  Back in early August Tamsin invited me to a meeting of Africanists convening on Friday 10th August in the magnificent Saminaka Library.

[2009/08/06 4:27]  Tamsin Barzane: Hi, Khoisan! Have been feverishly working on upcoming seminar (and off to breakfast soon), but wondered if you’d be interested (or available) in a meeting this Friday at 11 am SLT regarding Africa & Diaspora scholars banding together to meet?
[2009/08/06 4:28]  Khoisan Fisher: In short, yes! delighted to
[2009/08/06 4:28]  Tamsin Barzane: ; ))! great! it will be in the Saminaka library (though I’m not the organiser). Let me send an LM
[2009/08/06 4:28]  Khoisan Fisher: OK, thanks

Present were (avatars of) scholars from City University New York (CUNY), University of Delaware, Cleveland State University, and the University of Missouri, the discussion (which I’d logged but, alas, lost when my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks later) focusing on the creation of a Second Life “community of educators, educational support personnel and others interested in using virtual environments to expand and enhance learning in the fields of African and African Diasporic studies”.

Meeting in Saminaka Library

With follow-up discussions at a couple of further meetings, the Ananse’s Web group was created mid-August, followed by its accompanying web site.

Ananse's Web at

Ananse's Web at

An African Festival and group launch event took place 1st to 4th October, with the following programme:

Thurs, Oct. 1.
5 pm slt Fireworks on the beach, masquerades, stilt walkers
5:15-7:15 slt Kickoff dance with first DJ

Fri, Oct. 2
5 slt – African music–talk & performance-“Are drums a family Event?”- by Oliha Yiwama (traditional priest, musician, anthropologist)
6 slt – Durbar— Nigerian procession of horses with African trappings
African Music Video Party or DJ to follow

Sat., Oct. 3
11 am slt – The “Rules” of Traditional African Art—informal talk & slideshow by Tamsin Barzane (African art historian in rl)
12 Noon slt – Decorated Nigerian-style canoe regatta (prize to the best-decorated)
5 pm slt – Masqueraders, stiltwalkers and acrobats—join in!
African Music Video Party, DJ or live performance to follow

Sun., Oct. 4
11-2 pm slt – Bryan Mnemonic’s lecture and launch of Ananse (off Saminaka, on Univ. of Delaware sim), followed by guided tours to several sims
5 slt- African spiritual traditions—talk by Oliha Yiwama (traditional priest, musician, anthropologist)
6- Following talk, masqueraders, stiltwalkers and acrobats—join in!
6:30 slt – Closing dance party with second DJ—African male and female dress competition; announcements of photo contest winners
Fireworks on the beach

Tamsin Barzane

Tamsin Barzane speaks on 'The Rules of Traditional African Art'


Bryan Mnemonic talks about his use of SL and social computing in teaching and learning

Bryan Mnemonic talks about his use of SL and social computing in teaching and learning


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