Second Life running on an iPhone

I first found these YouTube videos almost a year ago, but hadn’t thought to flag it in this blog. At that time, the company that was leading the development of Second Life on mobile phones was streaming mobile game service provider Vollee:

Vollee is a technology company which streams PC applications to mobile handsets. By hosting unmodified PC applications on servers, adapting them for mobile handsets and then streaming them over 3G networks, Vollee allows users to access PC applications and MMOs and rich virtual worlds such as Second Life.
The company’s VolleeX engine adapts Second Life for screen size and key layout, and then streams the the Second Life application to mobile devices. Vollee’s interactive video streaming platform optimizes compression to minimize bandwidth requirements and also leverages the 3G mobile networks.

Other than drawing attention to the opportunities for mobile learning with SL, I don’t think I need add further comment at this point, though I hope more will follow if ever I get the chance to play with this.

See also:

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