Demonstration of 3Di OpenSim for education

Other than maybe better integration with the web, I’m not yet sure I quite yet see the point of this–Second Life running in a frame within a standard web browser (available for both Firefox and IE)–maybe because the documention is scant in English (3Di is a Japanese company), but it seemed to me worth posting as one to watch.

The 3Di OpenViewer plug-in (MS Windows only at the time of writing) can be downloaded from:

See also:
and Wagner James Au’s report at:


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2 Responses to Demonstration of 3Di OpenSim for education

  1. It’s not running Second Life, it’s running OpenSim. This means that a company can host the entire site on its own servers — and integrate it with back-end applications and product inventories.

    Company-specific deployments such as Sanwa’s and SMU’s run a customized version of the browser. But the generic plugin can be used to access any OpenSim grid or standalone. (Though it doesn’t currently doesn’t display textures — the developers say it’s in the works.)

    In theory, however, the 3Di OpenViewer can be used to access any compatible grid — including Second Life.

    • Atticus says:

      Thanks, Maria, for the clarification (and the more than welcome plug for 3Di) that corrects my lazy writing (I’d seen from the YouTube videos and 3Di web site that it was OpenSim, so my brain obviously wasn’t quite in gear when I wrote). I also now better understand the rationale for embedding OpenSim in the web rather than vice versa. I look forward to seeing more of the 3Di app … though probably not until it’s available for Linux and Mac.

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