How to dress in SL when your teacher’s around

An interesting (though not new) issue has been raised in the SL Educators forum with respect to how avatars should attire themselves for formal (non-recreational) contexts such as lectures, meetings, and public events:

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 15:07:47 -0400
From: “Villano, Paul Mr CIV USA TRADOC”
Subject: Re: [SLED] Professional Attire Recommendation
To: “SL Educators (The SLED List)”
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I don’t have an answer to the request but want to thank the writer for asking it. I am continually embarrassed while attending what I think are professional meetings (incuding SLED events) by folks who are best called “scantily clad.” I know the idea of a virtual world is to wear what you’d normally not wear to a “real life” meeting. I don’t intend to show up in wings or an ancient warrior outfit to work anytime soon. But I am concerned over someone showing up in a bra or panties or close to it in Second Life at a professional meeting. Double standard? Probably. And yes, I guess I’m a paranoid prude, but I think I would have a difficult justifying my continued participation in or obtaining funding for what I am presenting as a valid educational research project when trying to explain sitting in a meeting with half-clothed women, cartoonish or not.

Since this addresses a specific aspect of behaviour in SL, and socially responsible behaviour in general, I’ll add my two bits’ worth.  Khoisan teaches, meets other professionals, and attends meetings, wearing his black suit, white sirt, and tie.  Admittedly he mischievously enjoys the Reservoir Dogs-cum-Men in Black appearance, and may often be seen sporting matching dark glasses; but he feels that the formal dress invites others to take him seriously.  My expectation of students is that, in the interests of public order during in-world lectures and of presenting the best possible image to SolipCISM visitors, will dress appropriately while on the island; and while their attire off-island will obviously be a matter of personal choice I’d feel happiest if, when wearing their Kingston group tag, they behave in a manner that brings credit to the university.  So am I too a “paranoid prude”? or is this just common sense?


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