Student projects

The first two of the student projects, for the Desktop VR module, are now close to completion. And I’ve been seeing some magnificent work from the teams.

Showcased below are two architectural projects, the first a reconstruction of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in Medina, second holiest mosque in Islam, the other a reconstruction of the Tower of London.

Under constraints of time, resources, and space within which to build, the mosque-building team–Faruk Kurt, Naqash Baig, Haleema Khurshid, Asif Hussain, and Omama Farooqui–have created, with a feel of authenticity both inside and out, a very creditable simplified model. Well done, guys!

The Tower of London team, led by Razart Hasaj, with Spyros Nicolaidos, Ioannis Pemonis, Richard Polson, and Mahdi Salehi, have done a magnificent job, under rigid constraints of authenticity, in replicating the Tower of London as a task commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces.


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