Faculty & University Directory


Admittedly quick-and-dirty from a graphics perspective (I’ll have to re-design it) but functioning as it should: in the reception area of the CISM building I’ve constructed a computer, with scripts, that when asked for details of a member of staff or of a university department or service, will return a full reply. For example, typing into the Chat box:

find Khoisan Fisher

will return the response:

SL name: Khoisan Fisher. Real name: Chris Hutchison. Room: Sopwith 318. Blog: https://vorticism.wordpress.com Email: khoisan.fisher[AT]gmail.com Tel: 020 8547 7808

Not a lot of data in there at present, but a good start on a useful resource.



About Christopher Hutchison

Museologist, cognitive dissident, political grouch, curmudgeonly bibliophage, and all round jolly nice chap.
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