The KU T-shirt … marketing the university

Postscript, 15th February, 11:18am

susan_in_ku_tshirt.pngIt was encouraging to pop into SL this morning to find Zuro Zerbino wearing one of my T-shirts.

A box containing the shirt in five different colours is available in the Freebie area just outside of the south entrance to the building … please help yourselves and wear with pride! In these dismal times when recruitment to IT and computing degree courses is, across the country, a challenge and a struggle for all universities, it seems to me a great marketing ploy for Kingston to have staff and students traversing Second Life advertising the university to the world.

And not just for our own Faculty, of course. As other faculties begin the use Second Life (as we hope and presume they will), the wearing of the t-shirt will be proclaiming to the world that Kingston University is at the forefront of cutting-edge activity in social media.

Will students voluntarily wear the shirt? Fashion-conscious as they are, they might need an incentive. Make it more profitable for them than ‘camping’, for example … say, up to L$50 per day (i.e. around 10 pence) to wear the shirt outside of The Knowledge Zone? … at, for example, events such as those I blogged elsewhere?


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