Integrating the KU OPAC

I’ve been thinking for a while, on and off, about how I might integrate OPACs in general, and Kingston University OPAC in particular, into Kingston’s Second Life presence. I’ve also been looking at Scriblio (WPopac as was) for a long while now; and, were I to know I had the time to work on it, would be sorely tempted to work on a SL/Scriblio mashup.

In the meanwhile there’s a quick and dirty solution. Arguably the most neglected tab–invariably left blank in profiles–is ‘Web’. In an earlier post I wrote about RightPointInternet; and noted that it delivers WAP-ready web pages that can be displayed in the Web tab. Much of this is achieved through on-the-fly conversion by Phonifier which optimises web pages for mobile phones. Using Phonifier conversion, I inserted the KU OPAC successfully into my Web tab (below).


The result was far from perfect: some web pages can be converted, I found; others not. And, with my search on the main catalogue, I got the response: “The page that I found cannot be optimized for use on a mobile device”.

Enough to make me want to continue working on a solution, however.


About Christopher Hutchison

Museologist, cognitive dissident, political grouch, curmudgeonly bibliophage, and all round jolly nice chap.
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