KU T-shirt

A little playing around tonight and I designed the first Kingston University t-shirt. Not a tremendously exciting design, but at least now I know how to create a t-shirt from a template.

Those of you interested in creating your own t-shirts can download a Photoshop t-shirt template (RSW T-Shirt.psd), with fairly detailed instructions, from Robin Wood‘s web site.

I used the open source GIMP rather than Photoshop. The method, however, is pretty much the same in both applications.

Also see the slideshare tutorial at:
» http://www.slideshare.net/trottahe/making-a-tshirt-in-second-life

the ‘Clothes making for beginners’ tutorial at:
» http://www.secondlifeinsider.com/2006/08/01/clothes-making-for-beginners/

and, for making SL shirts from digital photographs of your RL shirts, the more advanced tutorial at:
» http://www.secondlife-shirts.com/advanced_clothing_tutorial.htm

and, finally, this tutorial on using GIMP to create shirts:


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