SL building class

Yesterday morning I taught the second class of this year’s VR module–an introduction to building in SL–with, for the first time, most students now having SL accounts and access to The Knowledge Zone. Because of the large number of students, I encouraged them to split across three sandboxes (the Experiment Zone, Heron Island, and the Public Sandbox Platform on Mauve island); and then (via lecture mode in the lab and text chat in-world) took them through the rudiments of building from prims and texturing facets. Some chaos as students built prodigiously and promiscuously over every square metre of visible land (sadly I’d not thought to take screenshots) but in general a successful session.

Lessons learned: ensure that all objects I own are locked (to prevent vandalism and deletions), that all objects are returned to owners after (for example) two hours (to clear the sandbox), and that students do not have building rights on CISM land (it took me a while to clear up the detritus afterwards): unless engaged in specific projects that require otherwise, student building rights should be confined to the sandbox, with no building above 90 metres. Oh, and no weapons!  I’d suggest that a signboard such as the following (from Dreams sandbox) should be clearly displayed at the periphery of The ExperimentZone and that the perimeters of the Zone be marked out.



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