New WindLight release

WindLight was released early today. A number of bug fixes, as well as some cosmetic changes to the menus, to the ‘Friends’ and ‘Near me’ chat (now called ‘Local Chat’) tabs of the ‘Communicate’ dialog box, and to the bottom button bar (and probably some functional changes, though I’ve not yet had the time enough in SL to discover any).


The ‘Chat’ and ‘Communicate’ buttons have been switched around, with the word ‘Chat’ now replaced by a word balloon. The ‘Communicate’ button has acquired a submenu allowing one to ‘Mute List’, ‘Redock Windows’ (though this seems a bit buggy, on Linux at least, with my ‘Contacts window repositioned over the parent window rather than redocked), ‘Local Chat’ (which, since chat is the adjacent button, seems a tad redundant), and ‘Contacts’. The simple audio and video controllers have now been grouped together, with a handy pop-up controller.  Also some minor renaming of menu items, e.g. ‘Noon’ has now become ‘Midday’ … presumably Linden Labs has been giving some thought to accessibility for non-English speakers.

Read the list of bug fixes at:


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