The TreasureHUD

I’ve been looking at a few paedogogic games and activities; and have found what I think may be a useful gadget: the TreasureHUD, created by Dudeney Ge (real-world Gavin Dudeney).

The TreasureHUD is a simple two-piece tool for setting up audio-visual-textual quizzes in Second Life. Here’s how it works: The user wears the HUD and receives instructions for how to do the quiz. The first time it is worn they also receive a landmark to the first clue. The landmark takes them to a Listening Post.

Once at the Listening Post they click it to receive an audio clue with accompanying image and text. They might, for example, see an image of Big Ben (the famous clock in London) and hear the accompanying audio file: “In which city would you find this clock?” – the textual clue would also appear on the HUD for those without speakers).

The terminal then waits for the user to type an answer. If that answer is incorrect they will receive basic feedback and a further clue – they can try to get the correct answer as many times as they like. If their answer is correct they will get some feedback and the landmark to the next terminal.

I’ve not yet the time to try it out extensively, though the above short description suggests that it’s certainly worth playing with. I’ll try this out with students once the 2nd semester starts and report back on how it went … so keep do a eye alert for a further report on the TreasureHUD.


You can pick up a free TreasureHUD from:



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