New additions to the CISM building

hand_up.pngI’ve done a little work this week on building some further useful functionality and tools into the CISM building.

First is the ‘hand-up’ script from AngryBeth Shortbread‘s excellent Education Tools (I’d already installed her indispensable whiteboard). The problem with free-for-all chat in SL is that, with unmoderated contributions to a discussion as everyone plunges in at the same time–and with sometimes a number of different conversations happening simultaneously–the chat can not only be hard to follow in real-time but also (if one logs chat) difficult to decipher after the event. AngryBeth’s HandUp Chair is the perfect solution: those who wish to speak can, by pressing the PgUp key, raise their hand to draw the attention of the moderator (and, after 30 seconds, the raised hand becomes a wave) such that, as in any well-chaired RL meeting, the discussion session is properly and coherently managed.

If you’d like to try out the scripts, go to the auditorium in the south-west corner of the CISM building and sit in any of the chairs, all of which have been enabled for ‘hand-up’. Use PgUp to raise your hand and PgDn to lower your hand.

You can grab the boxed set of Education Tools from:

teleport_and_tour.pngThe second addition to the CISM building, in the north-east corner, is the replacement of the old teleports with a new multi-choice ‘superteleport’. The teleports are currently set to locations on the CISM plot; teleports to other locations on the island will be added as soon as construction allows.

The third addition (adjacent to the SuperTeleport) is a ‘Tour HUD dispenser’. Developed by the Electric Sheep Company for GSD&M, who have released it under a GNU open-source license, the tourHUD is a heads-up display that enables customisable picture-and-text guided tours. The default “SL New User Learning Tour HUD v1.2” tourHUD leads the user through a 12-station tour of useful sites for new users; I’m currently customising this for CISM staff and students, but I also see a useful way of building a student (group?) exercise around the compilation of thematic tourHUDs (“Construct a tourHUD for 6 SL museums / 6 freebielocations / 6 universities / …”). More to report on this later …

The tourHUD is open source and available for free from GSD&M’s Design Center in Idea City:

Finally, many thanks to Pearl Cazalet for the very elegant 3-prim spiral staircase:



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