Streaming video with Veodia

VeodiaA few weeks back I discovered Veodia, a web-based video broadcasting service that allows video streaming directly into Second Life.

We trialled it at the steering group meeting of 30th November, using one laptop to capture the video, another to display the video in Second Life.  There was some amount of lag (perhaps due to the use of low-spec laptops) but the result was nonetheless impressive enough to persuade us of the potential of Veodia for streaming live lectures into the Knowledge Zone.

Relevant blurb from the Veodia web site:

Veodia’s live broadcasting service offers high quality live video broadcasting for educators, non-profits, conferences, and corporate training groups to reach a far wider audience with minimal resources. Encoding in h.264/MPEG-4, this browser-based solution enables users to broadcast videos with no upfront costs nor special equipment needed.

Second Life provides a unique and flexible platform for distance learning, new media, and corporate training. Second Life’s safe environment enhances experiential learning through an interactive community and real-world experiences.

Veodia is proud to offer a high quality live video solution that brings the real world into the virtual world. Incorporating live video enables organizations to build a stronger Second Life presence and communicate through video – a medium that has proven to generate greater interest and build stronger community.

Sadly, we hadn’t thought to record our session.  However I subsequently found the following YouTube video by Kathryn Greenhill at Murdoch University that succinctly illustrates the use of Veodia in a lecture context:


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