London Virtual Worlds Meet Up

I discovered, a couple of days back, a group in London, the London Virtual World Meet Up:

We are a bunch of Virtual Worlds users and want to meet up with people who like the same things we do: finding out about new cool stuff in Second Life,, HipiHi, Kaneva, Imvu and other Worlds, exchanging tips and tricks, discussing new ideas and projects, finding new business partners and having a good time.

We will meet once a month and have some times presentations from companies, or Virtual Worlds projects.

Program for the upcoming meeting, 21st November:

This time the team of ‘’ is in town from NYC and will present what’s cool and new in and what will be the next steps. Betsy Book and Ben Richardson from Makena, the company behind will be with us.

Profiles of members suggest that there’ll be interesting people to talk to here.  I think I’ll head over there on 21st and report back.


About Christopher Hutchison

Museologist, cognitive dissident, political grouch, curmudgeonly bibliophage, and all round jolly nice chap.
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