Coventry University


My first impressions are that Coventry University has got it pretty much right. The island has a well sculpted and visually engaging campus (important if one wants staff and students to actually use it), an easily located central square, a student orientation centre for newbies, an open access sandbox, a clearly presented clickable map for navigating around the campus, every building clearly labeled. Most impressive of all the navigation facilities is the ‘Coventry University HUD’, a heads-up display that allows one to view the Coventry University webpage at any time from the HUD and to teleport instantly to any location on the campus.


Although the virtual campus seems more or less complete, some of the buildings are still floors and corridors of empty rooms. I expect we shall see much innovative development here over the coming months, and may blog it again in the future. For today, a tour of the impressive library is worth documenting.


The Library is located on the central square. Clear instructions within the library guide the student login to the eBook website:

eBook Info: Click the bookshelf to take you to the eBook website
eBook Info: Your username is cov + your uni username. E.g. covjoebloggs
eBook Info: Your password is cov + your date of birth. E.g. cov181197

while laptops in the library connect students to the Library Portal:


Although perhaps a venue for talking in a more informal environment and at the same time encouraging students to stay on-campus, I’m not yet wholly convinced that the nightclub and changing rooms in the basement of the Library are a brilliant idea … but I would happily defer to the opinions of students on that issue.




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