Joined the New Media Consortium (“an international consortium of more than 200 universities and museums”) today as an individual (guest) member. I’ve been aware of the NMC Campus in SL since around the end of last year (and read NMC CEO Larry Johnson’s short ‘Keynote’ in the Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop), but with a couple of hundred other references to follow up this one had been put on the back burner till now. The video clip below caught my attention this morning, however, and determined me to take a closer look.

The first thing you’ll see (if you look a little to your left) on teleporting to NMC is a campus map. Right-clicking on a number enables you to teleport to the selected area, and each area has its own clickable map, useful for finding your way around … though the location names in many cases indicate little of what they’re for.


Impressive in its architecture and landscaping, the campus is nonetheless a little disappointing for the informal visitor. Other than touring the sandbox, the lecture spaces, and the art exhibitions, there is little to engage outside of scheduled events. Still worth a visit, though.

[SLURL] http://slurl.com/secondlife/NMC%20Campus/127/99/26


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